Memoirs From A Shortbread Cookie Fanatic

© ShortbreadSwee-T's

© ShortbreadSwee-T’s

My Alternative To Poetry

I have devoted a lifetime to writing poetry, and even though poetry is my first love, my new-found hobby, ShortbreadSwee-T’s, has allowed me to find my passion for baking cookies.  The pages listed under “Cookie Therapy” will give you a brief glimpse at the shortbread cookies that are taking over my world.


5 responses to “Memoirs From A Shortbread Cookie Fanatic

  1. Your shortbreads certainly look delicious. I have been on a quest to find the perfect recipe. The last batch I made were pretty good and my hubby told me not to change a thing. But I’m not convinced that I can’t find even a better recipe. 🙂

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  3. What fun. I love shortbread cookies, especially lemon pistachio shortbread. /wgho can not resist a buttery light cookie. Thanks for the like on my Date Nut Pinwheels.


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