My Two Loves (baking vs. writing)

ShortbreadSwee-T vs. SweetPoet

Writing use to be my escape (poems, blogs, etc.).  When overwhelmed with emotions (good or bad), I would write.  Lately, I spend more time in the kitchen and less time writing and now ShortbreadSwee-T has taken over. Yes, I guess baking has consumed me, and even though I never thought I would find anything as relaxing as writing, I’ve found spending time in the kitchen (baking) equally freeing.

When I write, pen attacks paper and I pour out my thoughts, hurts, loves, and emotions.  This process allows me to eject, review, and re-evaluate life. 

When I bake, I unconsciously disregard anything and everything, and my focus becomes creating the perfect baked delight (how it looks and how it tastes), and when I’m done, I know that I have put my all into something that will be enjoyed by others.  People toss me ideas; I take those ideas, tweak them with my theme, and I make it something that I can call my own.

I find that I am passionate about both, writing and baking.  On the one hand, writing engages my mental efforts, while baking is more physical, but all in all emotions pour through me.  I guess creating is creating whether it is poems or cookies.  I’m happy as long as I’m creating something that I love.

If you’d like a closer look at my second/new joy (plus photos) visit:

Peace & Blessings



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