10/16/10 It’s Been a Minute

It’s Been a Minute

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged.  So much has happened, and I was just too tired to write about it.  It’s just my way of eliminating things that aren’t necessities to limiting my stress levels.  As a parent, I find that I must prioritize things to get the most important things done first.  Everything else, is secondary, third, fourth, etcetera. 

In a nutshell, I will say that my son is excelling in middle school (my early fears are finally gone).  He is LOVING IT!  He has joined 3 clubs, and has decided to run for class president (even though he doesn’t really know anyone at school).  I am so proud of the young man that he is.  I am so happy that he no longer drifts off to a corner with a book every day.   Also, he is becoming an exceptional athlete (water polo is his thing).  Yes, there are days when he groans and moans because he doesn’t want to go to practice, but when he’s in the water, he’s all over it.   Everyday, he tells me his plans (what high school he wants to go to and how he plans to get in, how many degrees he wants to graduate with, what he wants to be when he grows up, etc.).  Middle school has been a great experience for him, thus far.  I can see that it has opened up new angles to his personality.   Watching him brings me good, proud moments.

I have talked to several mothers of young athletes, and the constant hustle to school, then work, then school, then practice, then home, then homework,  you get the picture, is extreme.   Although I am proud, I am also exhausted.  My days are not my own, and over the past month I have been overwhelmed.  This seems to be my own internal glitch.  Sometimes it’s hard for me  keep things balanced.  That’s when I start letting things go (dropping the least important thing on my list of things to do), but hopefully, I am finally getting my bearings back. 

On another note, I am eagerly awaiting the next child support court date (10/19/10).  I hope that they do SOMETHING/ANYTHING to make him pay what is owed to my son.  Now that he is in middle school, the costs are so much more.  The good thing is that, through much prayer, I have been able to let go of the anger and hostility that I was holding on to.  That was very freeing for me, and it has brought me much peace, and much relief (serenity now). 

Until next time (hopefully 10/19/10), peace and blessings to all.



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