10/23/10 Child Support, Again

 This is my never-ending story . . . 

 Child Support, Again . . .

Update on the child support issue (it really is an amazing organization).  I did not go to court on the designated date 10/19/10, however the Child Support Court Officer emailed me with the day’s results.  The end results are as follows:  my son’s absentee father pled “no contest” (this is where they should have slapped him on his wrist, big time, but . . . ). The court then ordered him to pay the originally ordered amount from 11 yrs. ago (Duh!) plus $60 more toward the arrears (WTH?).  They didn’t even hit him with a nominal lump sum as a fine.  They gave him back his driver’s license (OMG!), and they placed him on probation for 3 yrs.  However, they did not penalize him (or his employer) for lying and evading for the past 2 yrs. while he was working under the table and not reporting any of it (Wow!). 

In the end, I’m just hoping that he will adhere to THIS court order (it’s not like there hasn’t been previous court orders).  Mr. Absentee Father has been very fortunate through this situation.  I wish my son could fair as well as he has during this process.

It has been a long and stressful 2 yrs. for me and my son.  I have juggled and hustled every day just to make ends meet for me and my boy.  I’m a firm believer that “everything happens for a reason”, and I’m spending a lot of time, these days, pondering over the things that I have learned during this time.  It has been more “Life’s lessons learned” for me, and as always, I’m thankful.



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