11/6/10 Back In Time

Going Back In Time

Last night I had a rare moment out without my son.  A dear friend offered to watch him while she is recovering from having knee replacement surgery (ouch!).  Luckily, my son is content with a pizza, Nintendo DS, and a book.  So, I packed him up and dropped him off.

The outing was a high school alumni mixer.  I got together with a lot (too many to count) of my high school acquaintances.  It was organized online, and there was a very large turnout.  We all met up for an alumni gathering at our old high school for it’s homecoming football game.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  So many old friends.  So many unchanged faces.  So much love for the here and now and disregard for long-lost feuds.  There were pictures being snapped from left to right, old school music blasting from speakers, school colors being worn in every fashion.  IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! 

As we walked around the field (during the alumni parade) we were all shouting our years (1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, etc.).  It honestly felt like we were back in high school again.  I think the youngsters (class of 2000+) were genuinely impressed by our turnout (or genuinely disgusted, one or the other).  I’m sure the teenagers could not imagine that, in the not so far off future, they will be just like us, enthralled in the memories of moments passed.  If they only knew.

As I stated before, the ugly past was swept under the rug as the beauty of the reunion took over.  Unfortunately, the youngsters haven’t grown to that level yet.  Someone, or a group of someones, started fighting in the bleachers, and the next thing I knew, everyone was running and screaming, nine police cars showed up, air patrol took over, but that was someone else’s ugly that hasn’t been reigned in yet.  The BEAUTIFUL people (the alumni) had alternate plans.  A lot of people just went home disgusted (that was me, plus I needed to pick up my son). Other’s went to a preplanned second location for food and more congregating.

Tonight is part three of the alumni gathering.  I really want to attend, but as always, finding a babysitter (especially two days in a row) is almost impossible.  I will let my friend and her knee relax, but I’m going to see if I have any other options.  These moments don’t happen often.  I’ve got to get it when I can.


2 responses to “11/6/10 Back In Time

  1. Hey girl, this is a beautiful blog, i will be checking it regularly. i’m not surprise of the poetry it is so you.

    sorry i missed you at the game. i was only at the tailgate also had to get home to do my hockey mom thing 🙂
    hope to see you tonight -bring your son with


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