5/8/11 My Mother Guides

My Mother Guides

Being a mother is a position that comes without a defined guide-book or instructions.  However, I am fortunate to know  a few fantastic mothers.  These are women who I have watched over time as they raise their own children.  I have taken notes, but best of all I have been able to call on them, on numerous occasions, just to get their advice on different parenting situations.  They are my personal “Mother Guides”, and I thank God for them.

I know that everyone has their own situations to deal with, but if ever there is a time that I am feeling absorbed by the everyday pressures of being a single mother, I know that I can sound off and get invaluable information from one of my “Mother Guides”.  A “Mother Guide” listens and guides you to optional ideas/methods that you might not have come up with on your own.  Sometimes I go to more than one ‘Mother Guide’ because each one has their own strength and ability.  In the end, I feel clearer and more capable of dealing with whatever challenges are  in my path.  My ‘Mother Guides’ keep me on the straight and narrow, letting me know when I’m on the right path or straying too far away from it (based on their own trial and errors).  

Today is Mother’s Day, and even though, for me, the day is no different from any other day, I want to acknowledge my ‘Mother Guides’ (you know who you are), because without them, being a single mother would be so much harder.  My ‘Mother Guides’ are a blessing from God, and I am thankful to have them in my life. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the true mothers (someone who is lovingly and selflessly aiding in the growth and guidance of another person).  

Peace and blessings. 


2 responses to “5/8/11 My Mother Guides

  1. I am very proud of you and all that you do to make sure your son has the best that you can offer. To know that you seek help otherwise lets me know that you are not on this journey alone. Clearly, there are many mothers that have had to seek some kind of help, be it, financial or just to help with the mental flustration of having to do every thing. In my days of being a single parent and even when I was married, I had to sometimes be the mother, father,sister, brother,and everything that had to do with raising children. There is no guide as to how you are suppose to do this. We all have had to learn by doing. “You do what you have to do to get the job done”. (just as what you are doing now). I call this “welcome to the real world”. When you have done the very best that you can do, that is all that is required. I trust that God will continue to bless you and your son as He has always blessed me. It has not been easy for me to get to this point in my life, I have had to struggle like many other single mothers, even at 71.One day, like many other single mothers, your son will make you proud and all of this strugge and this will be well worth you time. Just know that God will allow you to come through. Love You!!!!! Your Mom


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