8/25/11 Can’t Count My Blessings Enough

Can’t Count My Blessings Enough

The past 10 years have allowed me more than a few life altering moments, and an array of life’s lessons learned, but I can’t count my blessing enough!  In 2001 I had a 2-year-old, I was in a failing relationship, and I was diagnosed with cancer. My world was rocked, and all of a sudden my life took a dramatic change.  It was at that time that I needed to step up to the plate. I had to think about my son’s future.

By 2002 I had eliminated the relationship, I completed my treatments, and I was on the path of recovery from a frightening disease, but my main focus was still my son and surviving for him.

Each day that passed I would wonder if the cancer would come back.   I had been blessed, throughout my life, time and time again, but each year was yet a new blessing that I was thankful for.

Today is the 10 year anniversary of my diagnosis, and during those ten years my oncologist and I have had an annual standing date.  Last month was our last rendezvous, and although I am thrilled that I am a 10 year survivor, I will miss my annual tests/checkups with my doctor.  Seeing my oncologist had become my security blanket.  I felt a sense of comfort because my progress was being tested and checked every year, but when my association with my doctor was severed I was somewhat unnerved.  It didn’t take me long to realize that I have never been alone, and even without the annual check-ups, He is always by my side.

Slowly but surely, there has been progress in the fight against breast cancer, and I want to ask everyone to support a cause, any cause, that contributes to fighting and finding a cure that will bring an end to so many deadly illnesses.  Every moment that I get with my son is priceless, and deep down I am aware that God has been by my side every step of the way through this journey.   There have been so many blessing; I can’t even count them.



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