9/4/10 Back To School / Child Support

Back To School

Well, the end of August was EXTREME.  I found myself doing a mad rush to get things ready for my son’s new school year in Middle School; we called it Jr. High when I was growing up (he likes that better, thinks it sounds more mature).  Anyway, since there’s no one to share the hustle and bustle of “run here, run there” with.  I found myself making dental appointments (he may need braces, $$$), taking off work for orientation, and registering him for before school and after school care, whew!  It’s been a lot to contend with, and did I mention that everything costs?  Well, I’m sure I didn’t have to say that.

So, I hadn’t blogged anything in a few days, but it wasn’t because the journey had ended.  That’s not how life is.  There’s always a journey.

Child Support

Yes, the child support saga continues.  I received an email from the child support office stating that the absentee parent has decided to plead “Not Guilty” to the charges of  “Failure to Provide Support” and “Failure to comply with Child Support Order” (something like that).  Isn’t 23k in arrears proof enough that he’s “Guilty”?  Also, 2 payments (income taxes seized) in 2 years tells an evident story all by itself.  Needless to say, the process has trailed on to a new court date in October (didn’t see that coming).  I will spare myself the gas, time, drama, and parking fees by not bothering to go to court that day.  The child support office would like me to believe that sending him to jail is futile, but I, strongly, disagree.  He, deliberately, provides zero benefits for the child (he doesn’t call his son or visit him).  I would like his lifestyle altered because his lack of financial support and lack of parental companionship and nurturing has altered my son’s lifestyle immensely.  However, the child support office continues to enable his idiotic behavior due to “overcrowded jails”, “the budget”, and lack of “manpower”; and with that I ask you, what is the purpose of child support laws if the child support office, itself, is failing to enforce it?  I say, “Lock him up!”

This is truly an amazing experience (one I would not wish on anyone), and yet, this is all part of my journey.



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