1/1/11 Make The New Year Count! Happy 2011!

Make The New Year Count!

I am starting off the new year, 2011, with memories of the chaos that took place in 2010.  Stating that I am extremely happy to move on would be an understatement, and I believe that to bring closure to 2010, I should, at least, summarize what took place.

It began with a very knowledgable friend (actually my boss, but I would like to think of her as a friend), telling me that I should start a blog about how life is, for me, as “a single mother”.  So often I was plowing through life feeling as if the “rocky motherhood journey” was only happening to me, but in fact, there are many other mother’s who are enduring their own journeys through motherhood (some much more hectic than my own).  Therefore, I should not complain.  I should search for the positive, and I should be thankful.

Through this past year, I have watched my son evolve, immensely.  I am overwhelmed by his sudden growth (literally 3 inches), his push for independence (his striving for and achieving the class presidency), and his maturity (willingly staying home alone in 1 hour intervals – this was hard for me) which allowed me small moments of time for myself (and blogging).  This is also the year that my son learned that there is no (real living) Santa (another wow moment).  The positive – Puberty began, and we have been rocking and rolling (while living and learning) through the whole thing (adventuresome). 

2010 holds many other memories and events too.  My grandmother passed away just before her 97th birthday, leaving my heart panging for grandmotherly experiences that never were and will now never be.  I wish I had great memories of her to reflect upon.  The positive – I made my son, and myself, a promise that (God willing) I will be a participating grandmother, when the time comes.  I will strive to create memories for his children (God willing).

Child support was a BIG issue during 2010, and in the end (even after the October 19th court date), nothing was resolved, but I learned that the child support system is just that, a system.  Paper is pushed from one office to the next, and I am sure that even someone with little to no intelligence can find the many loopholes that lead to escaping their child support obligations.  The positive – Many people remain gainfully employed by the child support system, and the economy moves on.

There were other moments that made me stop and ponder over life, but after putting everything into perspective, I am learning that life is a class with many lessons, and I have come to the conclusion that nothing is accomplished during a “Pitty Party”.

In 2011, my goal is to become more focussed on all the great moments that are occurring around me and to find the positives at the end of the negatives (there is almost always a positive if you look for it).  I want to make this, and every year afterwards, count.

Peace and blessings —{-@



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