A Restoration

A RESTORATION (I cleanse myself)

You’re a sensation that’s long, long gone
Left drifting in the wind
A touch that’s left to memory
With no beginning and no end

You’re a kiss that has washed away
The suppleness melting into history
Like you’re smile that use to adorn me
Now dons a nameless mystery


I bathe in a tub of fulfillment
And I wash in a basin of peace
I am cleansed with a sense of freedom
All memories of you now deceased

No more questions at the holiday’s end
No more wondering in the midnight hour
No more doubt and expectations
From a Love that’s left bad and turned sour

No more craving for
Needing for
Or striving for
That thing that you use to do

I am healed
Made whole again
I am free
And finally made new

© 2004 M. Tonnette



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