Can’t Help But Wonder

Every move he makes awes me and puts a smile on my face.  How do you feel about your little blessing?

Can’t Help But Wonder (God bless the child)

When I think of everything our child means to me
I think, by far, the best thing God has ever done for me.
A child, so much a part of me
and yes, a part of you too,
and yet I am, single-handedly, the sole source
for this remarkable young man.
With God’s blessings,
I am never alone in my efforts to keep him safe,
and to teach him how to survive in a world
that sometimes gets so very cold.
It is my inborn love for this gift,
our small miracle from God,
that keeps me fixing his scrapes and scratches,
kissing his “boo boos”,
comforting him through the hours of darkness,
and cuddling him when sickness has him feeling bad.
When his dreams are less than friendly,
it is my innate love that wakes me in the middle of the night
so that I can pray with him and make him feel safe from harm.
Without hesitation,
I hurry to drop him off and hustle to pick him up
before my borrowed time expires.
Through his many moments of greatness,
I’m his biggest fan and the cheerleader at each and every game.
I’m his tutor for homework,
and his counselor to guide him into being all that he can be.
With God’s blessings,
I am the provider of shelter, food, and constant care.
I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere without fail,
for whatever his needs may be.
When he has questions,
I try to answer all of the “What if’s”,
and even more importantly, “Why doesn’t Daddy call me?”
When I look into the eyes of our handsome child,
I want to answer his questions,
but I have a question of my own,

I just can’t help but wonder,
when you think about our child, what do you think?

© 2010 M. Tonnette



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