Shaken Not Stirred

A broken heart can rock you to the core . . . just hold on.

Shaken Not Stirred (still standing)

To be strong
A trait that envelopes me
Carrying me through life’s trials and tribulations
Choosing to strive rather than sink

To be bruised
Yet motivated to move on
I am the victor when challenges seem impossible
Amidst battles that mold me along the way

To be dynamic
A persona that requires no effort
As it branches out like battle scars
Through armor that has flaked and fallen away

To be awesome
A compliment that I never use for myself
But I must admit it reflects ME
Through the tears of burdens that have been overcome

To be flirty
In a subtle but definite way
An attribute that flows with ease
Until a gentle blush glows through my cocoa complexion and I shy away

To be romantic
Creating my own fairytale of love
With a willingness to give as good as I get
And a desire for more and more and . . .

To be passionate
Abandoning my heart completely
Fearing nothing and striving for everything
Allowing vulnerability to whoever comes my way

To be worthy
Of someone who is my equal on every level
Deserving more than has ever before been offered
Patiently anticipating he who is the one

To be shaken not stirred
Living and loving and laughing
Standing on one of life’s many fault lines
Shaken but not stirred

© 2011 M.Tonnette


8 responses to “Shaken Not Stirred

  1. I am touched..I like the last few words brought tears..but good tears!
    once again thank you not only for the poem, but also for the “like”! I needed it! Life can always put me in a slump, and I kind of lose interest in anything, so thank you for being one of the many angels that always pick me up and make me smile. You truly are an inspiration!

    • Thank you so much. I think we all have those “down and out” days (mine are evident in my poetry) but I always try to find something positive in my negative (which is not always easy). Your business /blog is fantastic! My hope is to get to where you are one day (hopefully after I retire from my day job). Keep doing what your doing. Truth is … everyday I pray my way through.

      • You are so kind, thank you:) be honest..i just really started this home business and its not really taking off yet..and sometimes I get so scared and feel like I’ll run out of gimmicks already..and still not succeed! Again, I love those words!..when you said you pray your way through everyday! You have a gift for words!:)

        • 🙂 Baking is a funny thing. Holidays are so demanding. Then after the holidays everyone goes on a diet. By March, most diets are off and everyone is asking for baked delights again. Most people don’t like spending endless hours in the kitchen baking, experimenting, etc., and that’s why I luv it. With each new (successful) experiment I am driven to take it to the next level. Just keep thinking, “No one can do what I do”, and that will be true. Peace & Blessings.


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