When a bad relationship has reached its end, it’s like the peace and serenity after a violent storm.

UNSETTLED (the calm after the storm)

As the storm billows and roars through the ocean
And then begins to calm
I ride the waves and I am settling

Like the dull rumbling and vicious tumbling of the earth as it quakes
And then finds its peace
I roll with it and then, again, I settle

After the fire rages and burns
And when the consumption is over
I am withered and yet still settling

I settled when the universe revolved around him
And my desires were not worthy of his time

I settled when the love we made was for his fulfillment
When he got his but I never got mine

I settled for the man that said, “I care” when he absorbed me
But he was afraid to reciprocate with “I Love You”

I settled for dining in and many weekends alone,
For a heart that was vehemently untrue

I have settled for holidays, events, and even birthdays
Often on my own

Settled! Settled! Settled! Satisfying my own wants and needs
Because he was tired and wished to be left alone

I have settled day after day while ‘the boys’ got his time
And other women got his play

But with every storm, every quake, and every fire
Around the corner was a brand new day

This is my day

I am the light

This is my new beginning

And my affirmation to my body, my mind, my heart and my soul


© 2004 M. Tonnette



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