From Meat Lover To Pescetarian

On May 20, 2013, I accepted a work challenge to go meatless for two weeks. Even though I’d never been big on red meat, I was a huge chicken lover (any kind of chicken) and, on occasion, I enjoy pork too. So I thought this challenge would be a difficult task, but to my surprise it wasn’t.

My first thought was to concoct something that I could enjoy so I wouldn’t have to refer to so many of the soy based meat substitutes out there (I’m a cancer survivor and I was told to limit my soy intake).  So I created my meat substitute that I called “Maybe Meat”. It’s made with beans, mushrooms, and a few other high protein ingredients and seasonings.  With my vegetarian meat I was able to enjoy many of the same meals I enjoyed as a meat lover (tacos, enchiladas, burgers, dirty rice and gravy, etc.), and the two weeks just flew by.


Now it’s been about 6 weeks and I am still meat-free! I have decided to continue on a vegetarian path, and even though I am not a huge fan of sea food, after much consideration, I opted for a Pesco-Vegetarian (Pescetarian) lifestyle. The chart (above) is a great explanation of the many variances of vegetarian lifestyles.

So, as with many other things in my life, I have decided to write about my new journey.

Wish me well!

Peace & Blessings.



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