Poor Bored Pescetarian


It’s been 3 months since I’ve eaten meat!  Whoohoo!  Everything has been going well, but lately I’ve been super busy and I haven’t had time to cook.  Now I realize that being a vegetarian has its flaws.

Before, if I was too busy to cook, I would just swing by the nearest “fast food” spot, but that is no longer the case, and I find it harder to find good, quick, affordable vegetarian fast food on a whim.   So, I’ve been bored with my food options, and when I’m bored, I eat junk (chips, dip, cake, cookies, etc.).  I will admit that there are more options for those who don’t mind eating soy based products, but as a cancer survivor, I have limits for the amount of soy I should eat.

I chose the Pesco-Vegetarian lifestyle because of the seafood options, but I’ve been hesitant to eat too much seafood because of mercury  and water pollution issues.

So, if I don’t cook, I’m kinda stuck, and I find myself looking at those old “fast food” favorites with lust in my eyes.  I need a new plan for those hectic and busy days.

Now do you see why I’m bored?



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