Memoirs From A Poetess

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“Small moments in time take me to large places in my mind, and I must write.”

At times the need to write is overwhelming and yet it soothes me and everything seems clearer.  Writing frees me.  The pages listed under “Life As I See It” are a collection of poems from my life’s lessons learned — the good times, the bad times, and times that almost were.

Memoirs From A Single Mother Raising A Boy

© M. Tonnette

© M. Tonnette

Giving birth to my beautiful baby boy has been an experience that I would not trade for anything. However, the struggles of being a single mother raising a young man can be constant. There has been daycare drama, babysitter drama, child support drama, etc. but in the end, having this wonderful young man in my life is reason enough to fight through all the drama.  The pages listed under “Journals” are my moment to moment experiences that I have decided to document as I continue on my path of raising a boy while helping him to become a man. Please keep us in your prayers.