5/28/11 Why I Blog: Freeing My Mind and My Soul

Why I Blog: Freeing My Mind and My Soul

People have asked me why I blog.  Is it a cry for help?  Is it documented pain?  Yes, and so much more.  We live in a technologically driven world and I can’t think of a better way to get the word out . . . BEING A SINGLE MOTHER, RAISING A BOY, IS NOT EASY, BUT IT’S VERY POSSIBLE!

While raising my son, I began to feel inadequate (feeling like there was something that I wasn’t doing right). I wondered if I would find out (20 years down the road) that I had truly messed up as a parent. I found myself observing other single mother’s and thinking about how easy they made it look, and it looked like everything always fell into place for them (with little to no effort at all).  That’s when I decided to start asking other mothers how they handle different situations and how they got through certain moments (while maintaining their sanity).  I started talking to people and I found that I liked some of their approaches to things, and it was refreshing to look at things from a different perspective.  As it turned out, things were not always easy for the mothers that I talked to.  It seems we are all striving to do our best.  Who knew? I started incorporating the things that I liked into my lifestyle and household, and so far, it’s had a positive influence on me.

As always, there are obvious rights and wrongs in parenting and there are those little mottled moments, but my goal is to be as open-minded as possible and to seek alternatives when/wherever I can.  I don’t ever want to be set in my ways or stuck on something just because I never knew there were options (just because I never asked).

I blog because writing frees my mind and my soul (sounds corny, but it’s true), and I decided to blog because I want other mothers (who are trying to keep their bearings) to see that they are not alone.  In the process, I gain a lot of support and knowledge to help me during my journey, and I welcome advice along the way. I hope that my blogs will enrich other single mothers.  Sometimes, there’s comfort in just knowing.



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