I Want To Fall In Love

I WANT TO FALL IN LOVE (again and again)

I want to fall in love

Even though my heart might get broken

There’s a thrill that comes with finding the one
who makes my heart race

I want to fall completely in love

I want to give love and receive love

Even though it makes me vulnerable

I want the passion, the pleasure, the fulfillment

I want to fall in love

I want to be giddy

I want to be adored and held every night

I want to fall in love

And if it doesn’t last

I want to fall in love all over again

© M. Tonnette 2010


6 responses to “I Want To Fall In Love

  1. Great Poem. Even if love has not passed you way Cupid will strike again. Even if it doesn’t work, brush the dust off and try again. True Love will come your way.

  2. To live in love would be the ultimate arrangement of course for our being here in the first place. It’s just that love is elusive and not exclusive. It hits you when it hits you. And yeah that could be seen as either lucky or tragic or both. Like all good things love in and of itself is not dangerous but can be put to dangerous purposes. And that’s the problem once you use it for anything other than what it was intended it becomes blackened from within..and then it’s only a matter of time. It’s funny how it is delicate and tough at the same time. To master the art of love one would have to master being. The problem with that of course is that things are constantly changing so it becomes a matter of balance which can put a strain on any relationship whether physical,emotional or spiritual. Still I do know what you mean. There is that place of love where the center radiates a kind of purity out through our lives that’s well undescibable,except to say it feels very, very good. And others can be affected by it as well when it’s in that form of pure flow. No one could withstand that much power aimed at there heart for too long. You would simply cease to be. I think a better path than longing would be thankfulness for the glad moments you have received from love and meditation on how best to gracefully accept such a gift in your care.


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