5/13/12 What is Mother’s Day for Me?

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Years ago I started celebrating Mother’s Day on the day that my mother became “my mother” (on my birthday). I simply coined it “Happy GIVING Birth Day”. For me it was much more significant to give a gift to my mother, as a thank you, for the day that I was born (if I could have been born with a gift in hand I would have).  I remember my grandmother saying how much she liked the “Giving Birth Day” idea because she had 5 children and . . . well you do the math, lol!

On the traditional Mother’s Day, I give my mother something simple (plants, cookies, something), but the day she gave birth to me is more important to me.  After I had my son, I realized that I would have to wait until he was old enough to decide how he wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day.  However, I take time out for myself on my son’s birthday because the day I had him is, absolutely, the most wonderful day of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I make sure that my son has a great time on his birthday, but by the end of the day, I make sure I do “ME”.

It’s unfortunate that the economy has plagued my gift giving abilities (for my mother and my son), but the sentiment and meaning is still the same.

Yesterday, I took a plant to my mother and I made cakes and cookies.  Today, traditional Mother’s Day, is a day for me to get things done (which makes it no different from any other day),  and I will pause for a moment to call all the “Mothers” in my life (family and friends).

To all the mothers (biological, non biological, and those of you who are filling in as mother), I’d like to wish you a fantastic day to commemorate the fantastic event that made you a mother, and for those of you who have lost a mother, may your wonderful memories fill your heart and your day with love.

Peace & Blessings.


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